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Sunny Sunday

Georgian Bay Allenwood

Hit up Allenwood beach. Tons of guys on the water, mostly kiter but also a lot of windsurfers. Got there early but waited for the real wind to come. Went out on a 4.2 and 95 freestyle/wave (definitely need to get myself a small wave board). Fully powered most of the time, a little gusty sometimes. Got some nice air. Tried a few backloops, i think i'm going to vertical. Brother was landing some nice loops but his knee injury only allowed him to do a few. Saw one other guy landing some nice loops too. Very fun day, sailed almost until sunset. Forgot how much fun allenwood can really be. Great to see everyone pushing the level.

Weather Conditions

onshore wind, allowed for jumping on both taks.

The Day at a Glance






  2009 95 Freestyle/wave Quatro/Very old 4.2 NR Neilpryde.


  5 hrs.

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