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Beat Up

Lake Simcoe Port Bolster

I was at Port Bolster on Friday and got pretty beat up. I had tried using the 4.5 with my 125 board. The shore break just kind of trashed me. Went back out with a 110 Naish Titan I bought used( this was really the first time for me to use) That made a huge difference as I was cutting throught the water rather than getting pushed around on top. I was still over powered and as well my shortest skeg was 32 cm. Was hitting the bottom a lot.

Had a good time but was pretty dead by the end and sore(bruised some ribs from one of several catapults). Was nice to try another spot. With the NW wind you do not have far to go to hit the wind. Launch at the shore bit tricky with the concrete blocks. Getting some time on the smaller board was great.

Weather Conditions

Blowing hard and gusty

The Day at a Glance


  NW 18-25 14




  125 Tabou/110 Naish/4.5


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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