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Tons of Fun

Lake Simcoe Centennial Park

Sunday we arrived at 1:00 pm. Parking lot was busy lots of Windsurfers and Kiters. I had my 14 yr old son with me. I had picked up a 3/2 wetsuit for my son at Silent Sports for $40 and he wanted to get out with the strong winds. Rigged a 6.5 and my son had a 5.4 . We were out for about 30 min. I was overpowered but getting some nice air with the my 125 board. My son wanted to go back in. He was too hot(had wet suit 3/2 plus shorty kayak top and hoody), was overpowered, and tired from uphauling(water starts coming soon)

Went in cooled down, took a break, had food & fluids. We rigged the 4.5 . Sean went back out 4.5/150L and had a blast. Wow it was great to see the big smile on his face. He was pretty proud he got his back foot into the foot strap. With the suit and hoody he was warm without ever being cold. He was talking about carving down a wave. Nice to see him having soo much fun in colder water conditions. Those hoodys work.

I went back out with the 5.4 sail and the 110 board. This was my second time out with this used Naish Titan and I had a lot fun tacking back and forth. Water start were pretty easy but getting into the foot straps was harder on the smaller board . The jibes were not so good. Too much time looking at my hands and not were I`m going. The upside was I got to try water starts and hit those pretty consistently.

Great day. Nice too see soo many sailers out.

Weather Conditions

Up and Down but pretty solid

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  NW 18-22 15






  2 hrs.

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