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Wish I had a camera....

Lake Erie Sherkston

Spectacular day at the beach! Fantastic wind, big waves, many good sailors and sunny skies. Got down there around 11:30 to find hangloose, northshore and several others trying to decide what to rig. The predicted high winds in the afternoon had not yet arrived so got out right away on 5.3 and rode approx. 2 hrs till overpowered. Came in to re-rig and sailed another 2 hrs on 4.7 till fully overpowered. Really fun wave riding the BIG SW SWELL on the way in and trying to launch starboard airs on the way out. Dan was really ripping it up in the biggest section on 4.2 . . . Thanks Dan for the wave riding tips and thanks northshore for the use of your F2 wave board.

Weather Conditions

sunny, strong wind, big swell

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-32 15




  95 & 82/5.3 & 4.7


  4 hrs.

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