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Building South Westerly

erie sherkston

At beach in AM What to rig...wind was in 5.5 range with a heavy forcast.Grabbed a 5.0 and big board and headed out with Greg.Lots of onshore to it so blasting down beach somewhat... shetchy with all the hidden rocks and ledges Lasted half hour and switched to wave board.Wind staedily down to 4.5 which was plenty.Waves finally started to clean up on inside with big rollers on outside but choppy.Found that angle of wind made it tricky to get nice wave rides in...and for sure overpowered in gust.

Great day with the boys...Ironman award goes to Jim...from kiting in AM to working last puffs of the day on his 4.7...

Watching Saturdays forcast

Weather Conditions

Steady building gusty and cleaning up

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-30 14




  Naish wave 78/Maui Sails Legend 5.0/4.5


  4 hrs. 30 min.

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