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Beautifull day

Erie Sd rd 26

To start off, today's session was nothing to write home about, but looking at the day as a whole, it was just an awsome day with tonnes of sunshine, warmish temps (air & water) and a great croud of guys including northshore, Dr.Evil, windpowered, jim and a bunch of others to sail with. After my first run, I went into the long beach park and realy eased off the downhaul and put the outhaul into neutral. from then on I was planing all the way, exept for my last run. Waves weren't great but still had fun. wanted to make the most of it as I knew it will be my only day out this week! (Sometimes even I have to work...damm!!!)

.....As I'm writing this on the windy thurasdy (next day), I did try to get off work early enough to make it down to sherkston, but failed! Was totally pissed off, phone kept ringing as though it's the wind hot line. Ah well, win some loose least it was good money that may buy me a good winter trip!

Weather Conditions

Sunny warm and messy waves

The Day at a Glance


  S 12-20 17




  Quattro FW 95L /Goya 5.8


  3 hrs.

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