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Amazing day

Ontario Mac/Upper Mac

Arrived at the same time as JetMech and rINR at Mac. No one there but a bunch of sailors upwind so we drove up MacDonald drive and what do you know, Ilan has rented a cottage and the whole Quebec windsurfing population was there. Some drove down from Quebec city, one guy from Maine.

I think rINR counted 20 sailors on the water at once.

Almost 4hrs of sailing on 3.5 and 69L.

Beautiful side shore condition with waves wrapping for down the line riding and super clean waves on the inside.

Took a while to tweak the sail (too much downhaul/outhaul), mast track (too far forward) and fin, then everything was just perfect in the last hour.

Fin-wise the Makani fin guys were down from Quebec, and I bought their last 20cm wave fin. Wow, great fin, no spin out, much faster and much better upwind than the fin that came with the board and just as turny.

I suck at front riding, can't time the lip right most of the time. Did get a really nice snap off a rightly timed lip. Still, completely addictive. Did not want to jump, just wanting to go upwind to wave ride!

Not cold at all, no gloves, beautiful sunshine until later afternoon.

Finished with nice Picton FISH Fish and chips with a bunch of other guys.

Oh what a day.

Special thanks to Fish for blogging about Makani fins, Ilan for the cottage and launch site, Nic from Ottawa for the photo and rINR for helping me tweak my sail.

Wind 23-30, WSW, waves 2.5m


Water Colors

The Day at a Glance






  Tabou Pocketwave 69, now with Makani 20cm fin/NP Zone 3.5


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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