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Cann't complain

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation Area

It was supposed to be strong S switching to SW later in the day. But when I got there, it was actually SSE. The water looked deceivingly windy but knowing it had lots of south in it, I rigged a 5.5. Sailed for a bit over about 4 hours on an old Screamer, plaing all the time. The water and air were warm and it was sunny. Although it was not as good as a SW day, I cann't complain. Quite a few showed up as well: Hangloose, Northshore, Wind-Powered, Marty, Jim, Terry, Greg, and of course, Chris.

Thanks to little_wing and Eric, the Dr. Evil is in.

Weather Conditions

Nice, warm, and sunny

The Day at a Glance


  S 17-20 16




  103 l Screamer/5.5 Ezzy Freeride


  4 hrs.

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