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better than nothing

Lake Erie LBCA

Chris and I went there in the afternoon. The wind was blowing from WNW. Not many whitecaps but you could see the sprays. Rigged a 4.5 and Chris was on his 5.0. Sailed for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. As with all wind with north in it at LB, it was gusty. But the ramps were big for nice jumps. When the wind was slowly dieing and switching to more north, we decided to quit. EVen though it was only for less than 1.5 hours, it's still good. The water was substantially colder than yesterday. One of my toes was numb (but comfortably numb:)) for hours afterwards, time to get out the booties. Also, when it is blowing from WNW, be careful about these zebra mussels. The water is very shallow there around the shoal area.

Looking forward to tomorrow, big SW forecasted. Will start to wear my dry suit I just bought (I am jealous of gangs currently in Hatteras. They are sailing with nothing but shorts).

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