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Lake Erie sherkston

When I got down to beach around 11:30, Casey and Dan were already ripping it up on 4.0 & 4.2 in the lower break. I got setup on 4.2/82L and felt well powered at first but not enuff in the lulls, had trouble staying upwind and ended up way down the beach. Jim had arrived while I was out, saw me walking, and drove his van down the beach for the pick up. Thx Jim!!. Jim rigged 4.5 and I switched up to 4.7/95 and was nicely powered although probably a little too much board. As the wind switched from W to WNW around 3pm, the conditions improved further and provided for true side-off down the line wave sailing. In our second session, we sailed the upper break near the shipwreck in truly epic conditions!! With the slight decline in wind and new direction, the waves were cleaner and a little smaller but still REALLY BIG!! I learned a lot from watching Dan, Casey and Jim making it look easy going DTL in the biggest sections. Enjoyed lots of time ‘off the hook’, some good washings, and some near vertical ramps heading out on starboard. The wind lightened up a little more around 4:30pm so we headed in knowing we had scored large. Casey will likely have his report up soon, you can check his blog at

Saturday is looking like big west again : ). Hopefully we will be lucky enuff to hit it. I was able to take a couple of pics of today's fun and will post soon.

Weather Conditions

grey skies, somewhat gusty and shifty wind, BIG waves!!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 24-30 11




  82 F2 wave & 95L Rogue wave/4.2 & 4.7 Maui Sails Legend


  3 hrs.

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