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Lake Ontario SBX Mac's

Made the trip down to SBX and ended up sailing a little further up the bay. Was part of the huge contingent of sailors from all parts of Ontario and Quebec that converged on someones cottage to sail the huge westerly. Awesome to sail amongst the guys from Quebec after hearing so much about them and watching the youtube clips from the past. Apparently most of the guys I read about all the time from Ontario were there as well. In retrospect I should have introduced myself to more people so as to put a name to the posts. (riNR, JetMech, Fathom etc...) Massive rollers on the outside, long clean waves near the shore, a jumper/wave riders dream all wrapped into one. No doubt need to work on the wave riding to be on par with the others, hopefully that will come in the near future. Season coming to an end too soon especially after such an amazing fall season. Best I can remember.

Weather Conditions

Large wind and long peeling waves

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-26 10




  84 L JP Wave/4.5 Alpha


  3 hrs.

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