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New spot, new faces, great fun

Erie Sherkston

Made it down to Erie today. Have not been sailing Erie in over 10yrs.

The drive down took 2hr (200km door to door), but 2.5h with traffic through Toronto.

Worth it though. Sunshine off on. Windy.

Nice to put new faces to online names. Great group of guys there.

Basically close to 4hrs of 3.5 then 4.0 sailing (the wind dropped a little and I punctured the 3.5-not sure how yet). Great tips wave riding from Dan, went a bit too aggressive forward on the first try down a steep ramp, and wham, nose went in, then white water wash. After a while, got used to the wave patterns, and got some riding in. Still have to work on my exit speed off bottom turns and making some of those bottom turns tighter esp. off the top of a big steep wave.

The swells on the outside were huge but easy to manage, as not choppy like the middle of SBX.

Now I`m even more sore and the first 3 fingers of the right hand is out of commission. That might be it for the season due to injury, not from temperature, will have to wait and see...

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  Tabou Pocketwave 69/NP Zone 3.5 then 4.0


  3 hrs. 20 min.

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