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Another great day

Lake Erie LBCA

Got on the water at 12 noon and sailed for three hours. The wind was strong, and I was on my Evo (80l) and 4.5 Ezzy SE.The first hour was way over-powered for my 4.5. Came up and downhauled it like crazy. The wind stayed pretty steady after 1:00 pm. Nicely powered with 4.5 for two more hours. Made some nice jumps and jibing was scarily fast. This was my third day sailing in four days (since Wed). Chris and I were the only windsurfers there. The rest of the regulars must all be all at Sherkston.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-35 12




  Starboard Evo, 80 l/Ezzy SE 4.5


  3 hrs.

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