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another one bites the dust

lake Erie Sherkston

Great day today especiallu after thursday's bitching! As usual a great bunch of guys to sail with. Was real great to have fathom join us. The dude rips! Anyway, great waves, strong winds, some messy sections, some real clean waves, some way overpowered runs where i couldn't do anything with the waves, some totally dialed in wave rides, some real clean jumps....and some slogging! Water still O.K. , had to blow in my hands ever now an then to warm up finguer tips

Note to the dude who crashed into me just as I'm heading out for my first ride. hardly waste deep, jumped on board, hooked in , foot straps in and i see this guy charging at me during a jibe at a hundred miles an hr!. I bail out, twist my foot , crashes into me. At the moment, I ignored the pain and kept on sailing. Tonite my foot throbs. Bad Idea to jibe so close to a llaunch site, especially there. It's full of rocks man! Keep your eyes open and sail safe!

Weather Conditions

cloudy with some sun, cool, windy and weavey

The Day at a Glance


  SW 23-32 12




  Fanatic wave84L ,Quattro FW 75L/Simmer 4.2


  4 hrs.

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