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Classic Sherkston

erie Sherkston

Another great forcast and good turnout...missed the Thursday session which from all accounts was another classic maybe better than this one as wind shifted a bit side off late afternoon.

This session was in the tops for sure...still warm enough... waves organized as wind switch in on position for a good week now.

Inside break around shoulder high & clean .Outside sets probably logo to close to mast high with some chop.

Great to jump & ride... still working on front side rides with some on water tips from Dan.Sailed a bit conservative..staying warm...avoiding big wash cycles especially on outside ...staying ahead of big growlers by sticking with backside waverides.

On the beach in one peice except for a beat up fin..... typical for Sherston.

Good to be on the water with the gang....last session of the year for a few.

Weather Conditions

windy & wavy

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 24-28 12




  Naish Wave 78/Maui Sails Legend 4.5


  4 hrs.

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