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What a day

Lake Erie Sherkston

Managed to leave home early. Got to the beach for 11.30am to find windpowered and northshore ready to rig, Wind was perfectly side-shore with a wind-line only yards away from the edge. For most part, once we hit the wind-line, the power was insane and on the reef it was pure survival. Lots of wipe-outs today and my body was getting cold fast, so I only did short runs coming in often to warm up. I also wore gloves which I hate because of extra fatigue and loss of feel however they did help with the cold. Today all my body got cold throughout. . I definitely need to invest in a better suit to sail in these temps. Just a crazy day. Felt real good to be out. Will I pack it in? Yes UNLESS Saturday delivers again. I think I can handle another session although I know it will be short runs again!

Weather Conditions

Cold, cloudy and windy with big waves

The Day at a Glance


  W 30-40 7




  84 Fanatic wave/4.2 simmer


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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