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last sesh ??

erie Sheerkston

Told myself season was done...then pushed for another session.Rolled the dice and did the drive...,knew it would be pumping and chilly.Must have blown heavy south through night.Huge sets stacked up at the reef.Inside had biggest shorebreak I've seen in a while for Sherkston.Heavy West wind with huge side off gusts peeling tops off waves,beauty .Blasting runs to reef...big floaters then go for the gybe and shoot back for shore.Approaching reef was intimidating to say the least big and tightly lined up.A couple of short sessions finally got washed big time swallowed half of Erie seperated from gear breifly....regrouped back to shore.Enough for me called it quits.

That kind of session sometimes this time of year.Incredible to wItness the fury and share with windpowered & hangloose

Thanks for the cerveza windpowerd...maybe Saturdat AM or Monday for one last sesh

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  W 30-40 8




  Quatro Tempo twinzer/Maui Sails Leegend 4.5


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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