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So so

Simcoe Beaverton

Sunny to start, then snow cloud starting from Dagmar onward. Windy on the road, however , got there to find rINR could not even water start. Bummer. Stood around chatting for about 30min when the wind went back up and stayed steady. The waves/chops were nowhere to be seen however.

So back and forth for 90min fully powered on the 5.3/86L combo then the fun of being home with the kids and wife was greater than the back and forth sailing. Packed up and went home.

As a side note to myself, wore thin fleece undergarment under the Zealot and it felt toasty warm (4C, 9C water). It is a weird feeling even compared to the baggy drysuit, when falling in, can't even feel a shift in temperature. Must be what the pinguins feel when dropping in the Antartic water. However did feel the cold water seeping in the gloves and boots-improvement needed there. I might just sell the drysuit.

The hands did get cold, better after putting on some high tech thin running gloves that warm up in contact with water. What helped more (and must have looked weird from shore) was doing windmills while sailing before the finger tips vasoconstict.

It's amazing how the fear of falling in cold water improves jibing skills, fell in 3 times (one long one just to test out the suit) in 90min, LOL.

Overall a good day but not stellar. On par with running 5-10K!!

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  Fanatic FW 86/Goya Wave 3D 5.3


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