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Another Great One

Lake Ontario West Point

Too offshore at Mac's and wanted to avoid the strings on the beach (4-5 Kiters) Went up to West Point and sailed 4.5 in Beautiful waves wrapping around the point.

Ballsy launch needed but once out and awau from the waves crashing directly onto the Limestone shelves it was amazing. Not too cold and multiple turn frontside rides. Half expected you to show up Fathom!

Knew it was one of the last days so Joe and I (The locals) spent the afternoon riding and upwinding only. What an amazing afternoon. There were surfers around the corner and kiters on the beach but only the two of us on the logo and higher freight train waves. One day I'm going to venture around the corner where the waves actually peel along the point. They are smackable but if you blow your top turn you are getting washed into rock - one day.

Water was plenty warm enough for my 5/3 , I even took the hood off for the runs in on the waves. I'm not sure why we don't sail off here more often.

The Day at a Glance






  RRD Wavecult 84/Simmer 4.5 Crossover


  3 hrs.

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