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Lake Simcoe Beaverton

If today was the last day of the year then I am more then happy with the blow out we got today! Showed up and it was going strong so I rigged 5.0M on the 91L (my favourite combo ever) Wind was mostly west at first with nice knee to waist high waves every where. My first run out I banged out 4 nice floaty airs and a killer jibe off a wave face. I knew it was going to be a great day! I was dialed in and sailing so comfortably. What a blast! The wind was shifting slightly from west to north. When it was west it was great down the line riding on the waves that were big enough to slash back and forth on. When it turned slightly north it was full on jumpfest on the way out with nice down the line on the way back in. I was trying to work the waves so hard sometimes that I would over commit and end flying over the handle bars when the board would dig in and stall. At the end of the day you could sail right into the parking lot if you wanted because there was no shortage of wind past the reeds. I think today was the one of the best days of sailing I've had in a long time. I bet I jumped 40 plus times and with full speed on the exits. At the end I was even jumping while still hooked in and just bearing off in the air to land with full speed. Chris was jibing inside the reeds at the end. It was so fun riding behind Bart on his kite / surf board combo and watching him surf the swells.I ended up quiting because my back was starting to get fatigued and it was starting to get to the point where I need to go smaller- much smaller. Thanks to Bart (kiting) and Chris for coming out and making today so much fun to be out with some equally kooky people. Wow! wow! wow! I love this sport! It's freaking awesome!

Weather Conditions

Great, great and greater - classic Beaverton set up with wind switching to Northerly

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   25-28 8




  91L Poison Nucleo/5.0M NP Core


  3 hrs. 15 min.

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