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Beautiful Monsters!

Lake Erie Sherkston

Great session today! Met up with hangloose and Don Z. at Sherkston. We found HOWLING WESTERLY WINDS (side to side-on) and a few kitesurfers already on the water. Beautiful sunshine and pretty warm (12degrees) considering the date. hangloose and I rigged 3.7, Don rigged 4.0 and we were on the water before noon. So much wind!!! ..... BIG WAVES, lots of white water and spindrift.

It took a few runs out to the reef before getting (kind of) dialed in.Totally thrilling session with some decent jumps while trying to weave the path out, but no good jibes for me today. Had a great time riding in down the face of some roaring giants. What a reward! What a workout!! fortunately no damage to body or equipment while being 'maytagged' with a couple of good rinses and a few catapults in the mega gusts. Mid-afternoon brought in the clouds and cooler air. The wind began to lighten up so we packed up knowing we had scored big. Hit the local roadhouse for some rum and chicken before making the trek back to the GTA. Great time! Thank you mother nature for yet another awesome November Gale!

Weather Conditions

howling winds, big waves and sunny!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 30-35 12




  82 F2/3.7 Simmer


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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