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Season Ender!?!?

Lake Erie Sherkston

That's what I thought yesterday driving home beat after an awesome session. Today as I write this, I say,' I hope (or wish) not'. But reality is that I am no longer equipped to get in cold water. Even yesterday's (today) session, in about 12 C I was getting cold.

Found Greg and Don starting to rig as I got there. Decided on the 3.7 and the wind seemed to be quite solid, so I took out the 75L board. The day started up just beautiful with sunshine and very comfortable air temp. Hit the water and was totally dialed in from the first run. The new (old) foot straps on the little board really helped. The wind was pretty much solid except for some short lulls. It was also side to side on, so the angle of attack was great. Nice big jumps and of course some nice wave riding. Few things I noticed today with the water conditions, Going out a way past the reef, the waves were quite juicy and noticed quite a bit of chop on them. I was feeling out of my comfort zone out there mainly because of lack of warm suit and also not a fan of that chop, so I stayed mainly on the reef where there were good sized waves spaced out and super clean in between (check the pix where I'm down). Again for the amount of wind there was, I expected much bigger waves, nonetheless, they were plenty big. Took out my gopro for 2 short runs and set it on time lapse for a change. Today was one of those super special days. Wish Northshore was there to share our experience.....was thinking about you man! Anyway, if this is really the season ender, it ended with a bang and am glad to have shared (and shredded) it with a couple of super cool dudes!

Weather Conditions

Cool sunny windy

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 32-40 11




  Quattro 75L freestylewave/3.7 North ego


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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