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Cold water swimming

Lake Erie LBCA

Went to LB with Craig and Chris. The wind was strong WNW. Rigged a 4.5 and went out on my Rogue Wave (~90l). Had one fast run then wind really shifted to NW so ended up way down wind in a big wind shadow. Had a long swim followed by a long walk. When I came back to the park, decided to give it one more try and kept going for wind. The wind by then had dropped big time, so I spent long time trying to waterstart. Eventually was able to waterstart and once again, had a long swim and a long walk. So overall, sailed for 10 minutes but swam and walked for more than one hour. Swimming wise, it's a good workout, but windsurfing wise, not so much. Oh, well, better luck tomorrow and next week.

Weather Conditions

Strong W then NW then 0 wind

The Day at a Glance


  NW 5-25 2




  Rogue Wave 8'4, /Ezzy SE Wave 4.5


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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