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sailing in the rain

Lake Erie LBCA

Well, lots of wind was in the forecast by all these websites, and none of them was quite right. We (chris and I) got to the Long Beach and the wind seemed decent. Rigged a 6.5 and went out, almost planed but not quite. Came back and waited. Northshore and wind_powered joined us and waited some more. Went out again but this time, the wind was shut off. Was prepared for a long walk but got picked up by wind_powered, northshore, and Chris (Thanks, guys). Around 2:30, the wind finally picked up enough to plane on a 6.5. Sailed for 1.5 hours and around 4:00, the wind really picked up and I was overpowered. Since it was getting dark fast, I had to get out of the water. The rain was on the whole time. The water and air were not too bad and I was sailing w/o gloves. A big thank you to Chris who waited for me until I came out of the water and derigged, and made sure I was able to drive away w/o getting stuck in the sand (we parked on the beach). It was not a super day as I hoped for (a TV station from Buffalo even predicted wind gust to 60 miles per hour yesterday) but I was happy I got to sail after all. Here is hoping for good tomorrow and Thursday.

Weather Conditions

SE wind is usually not great at Long Beach. The waves and chops were confused, especially in the Play Pen area.

The Day at a Glance


  SE 15-20 10




  103 l/6.5


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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