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Mix bag and ouch

Simcoe Beaverton

The goods: 6hrs straight of sailing. Mostly on 4.5 86L then 69L, with about an hour when the wind was shifting, went on 8m and the rocket 125L and actually traded with rINR since he also has that as a new toy. He looked like Bruce Patterson on a slalom course with the Retro rig bent out of shape (in a nice way) with the force he generated. Then finish off with a couple hours of 4.5/69L combo. Some small onshore wave riding practice. Watched Bruce Varsava who just turned 50 doing some freaky amazing kite jumps. Water 15C, Air 25C

Unfortunately while attempting a silly move in the first hour, I sprain my foot and now limping. However the foot did not hurt when I was sailing and so 10-15 tries at forwards later, my butt cheek is very sore, even with a 6mm suit on, if it wasn't for the life jacket and hoodies, my back and ear drums would have not been any better. However, I did land one in almost waterstarting position and overcame the fear of going over the handlebar.

Hopefully I did not miss out on a good SBX session.

Now home, made my wife some tea and life is great.

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-25 15




  Tabou Pocket Wave 69/NP Zone 4.5


  6 hrs.

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