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Summer's Here!

Lake Simcoe Beaverton

I knew it was going to blow so I arranged my week that it would be a one day holiday, and it was. I got up there for before 11:00 am and it was blowing nicely, sunny, and just such a nice day to be alive. As much fun as I had sailing I had just as much fun watching those around me sailing with big smiles on their faces and knowing they were feeling the same I was. Fathom going for loops, Tom Soltysiak doing vulcans, spocks, forwards, John doing huge over the mast loops ( not the side corkscrew type) everyone was popping off knee to waste high waves left and right. When the wind turned to WNW it made for classic Beaverton conditions going almost dead straight on into the waves and sucking as much airtime as possible. There was a bit of time where the wind backed off and I pulled out the new board and goofed around a bit. It was funny seeing Fathom coming out from the reeds with his big 8.0M while I was bobbing on my 5.8M. We swithed rigs as he could get my 5.8M going. I was so cool just ripping back and forth on the big stuff too, and to feel the direct comparison between smaller and big gear. That 8.0M felt like pushing open a barn door when flipping the sail to jibe.

Session Highlights: -trying some sad back loops- some nice floaty airs - the sailing crew there - the level of sailing there - watching the kiters getting some crazy airs -the apres windsurfing socializing - not need ing to be any where by any time.

Felt bad for Fathom dinging his board and injuring himself - been there done that!

Weather Conditions

nice size waves for goofing around jumping and slashing

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-29 25




  106 Flare, 125 Rocket/5.8 Ezzy Wave SE, 8.0 Sailworks Retro


  4 hrs. 30 min.

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