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Day 5

Pacific Ocean Punta San Carlos, Baja California, Mexico

Another tough day in San Carlos. I had 3 sessions in all today, with the first 2 sessions being awesome and the third being kind of a waste...still exhausted from the first 2 sessions decided to quit before carbon or bones broke! For the first 2 sessions the winds were more manageable with head + high waves at the beach break. Managed to pull off some decent rides but still missing a lot of waves. Once I do get on a wave I feel totally dialed in, confident on my bottom turns and starting to get more aggressive on the cut backs. Starting to get used to the side off winds and on coming waves of San Carlos

Weather Conditions

sunny windy

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   25-35 15




  RRD Freestyle wave 95L / Goya 92 wave quad / Goya 94 custom wave/Goya: 5.2 Eclipse / 4.5 Guru / 4.0 Guru


  4 hrs.

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