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First Day Jitters

Lake on mcp

Looked promising on first look, filling in from SW, meaning flukey, never ideal but then what is.

Forced to go with da real FW deal for first day. Would have liked a nice 15 knots but ther ya go. Billion degrees while rigging.

Planed easily (Track forward...) but seemed had to use all of the winter weight to hold down rig then saw that adj outhaul had slipped so cranked it and all was well. The sheer brute force of the V8 10m2 didn't seem any bigger than a, say. oh, 8.5m2...

Strange floating speedy sensation that I kinda recognized as windsurfing.

I should really try to live in a place that this opportunity presents itself more often. Or go to one.

Sailed way off shore and was happy to do so in clear water and steady breeze.

Sandro came by and was gobsmacked at my double digit sail size, but then he just came back from Punta San Carlos..... Lucky, lucky man.

Weather Conditions

margarine melting to marginal

The Day at a Glance


   4-8 44




  fw /10


  1 hrs. 3 min.

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