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Suprisingly fun day.

Lake Ontario Sanbanks

Sunny, warm and 7.5 weather. Wasn't going to go but deciided it had been a while. Sailed 7.5 and 130 up to West Point and then rode the suprisingly decent waves down to Mac's Point and then repeated. Sailed around West Point and watched all the kiters at Sandbanks Beach. Where are all the sailors? Me out only and about 15 kites - pathetic. Had an amazingly fun time on the waves although a cutback with a 7.5 is tough on the arms. Some nice down the face catapults.

At 4, the wind picked up so I switched to 5.8 and 109 litres - an hour of bump and jump fun. The wind switched more WSW and the waves got messed up.

Fun to be the only guy out on such a sunny, whitecappy (gorgeous) day.

Weather Conditions

Suprisingly nice peeling waves wrapping around West Point

The Day at a Glance


  W 12-18




  x-cite ride 130, rrd freestyle wave 109/Matrix 7.5, revo 5.8


  4 hrs.

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