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Jet laaaaaaaaaaag

Sugar Beach Maui

Today we woke up in Maui and got settled. Hit Wal-Mart, Whole Foods etc. We went into town and checked things out. Later in the afternoon we had to go up to Matt Pritchard's place to pick up our gear from his wife as Matt is at Pistol River. Drove past Ho'Okipa and there were a bunch of guys out ripping it up...was pretty cool to finally see the sacred spot. We then made our way up to Pritchard's place and man does his garage ROCK. More gear than you could imagine.

We got back to our place and around 4pm decided to hit the water despite serious jet lag. We rigged up and did a couple laps to get wet and it was GREAT.

It felt good to get out for that first session even though it was less than an hour. Just figuring out what to rig the conditions work always an icebreaker.

Anyway today looks good..will probably hit Sugar Beach again and sail down towards Sprecks.


Weather Conditions

25 knots..but looked less from the shore..learning curve.

The Day at a Glance






  96 Tabour/5.7 (should have been 5.3)


  45 min.

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