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Knock Knock

Maui Sugar Beach/Sprecks Maui

Great day...started the morning with some snorkeling on the south shore. We went to Big Beach and I swear the shore break was the biggest I had ever seen.

We came back to hit solid 20knot+ conditions...everyone was saying it was up and down..which it was. Met a bunch of Aussie's and Americans and sailed with them.

After sailing we were just about to have our apres beer(s) when there was a knock at the door...turned around and Matt Pritchard showed up to check on our stay and the gear etc. It was pretty cool to meet a windsurfing legend. Matt dropped off an SUP so we are heading to the South Shore to give it a go.


Weather Conditions

Some good swell outside.

The Day at a Glance






  Tabou 96/5.7


  2 hrs.

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