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Hey Neighbour

Maui Sugar Beach/Sprecks Maui

In the morning we did an SUP over on the South Shore. It was great. A local gave us a great snorkeling spot..Chris saw a huge turtle.

Came back to the North side and walked down to the beach to check out the conditions. Met a guy there who was watching his son sail..he said his son was a Maui snob..and he was on a 3.2 and 55ltr board. We got chatting and his son was ripping..turned out to be Ridge Lenny and his dad Martin. This beach is Kai's home beach and they live a few doors down.

The sailing was great. Starting to get dialed..Chris is nailing his duck gybes...i am getting around but missing the sail out..Starting to get some great confidence in the swell.

Later in the day drove down to Ho'Okipa to show my wife the "Yankee Stadium" of windsurfing. We met Fransisco Goya on the beach...and he showed us a prototype quad his buddy was testing. Really nice guy and we are going to visit the factory in the next couple days for a tour.

This place is great.

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