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Finally some wind!

Lake Erie Sherkston Shores

Got on the water at around 2pm. Wind was pretty good but at around 4pm it got better. Rigged up my 4.5 and 100L freestyle board at first, worked on some freestyle moves. Then once the wind kicked up i pulled out the 74L Kode. Waves were pretty nice. Got some nice wave riding in and a few good jumps. Fully powered the entire time until it started dropping off at around 7pm. Overall, a good day to work on both freestyle and wave riding.

Weather Conditions

Flat on the inside, great for freestyle. Waves on the outside, from knee to shoulder high. great for riding and jumping.

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-30 24




  2010 Starboard Kode 74L/2010 Neilpryde Combat 4.5m


  4 hrs.

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