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desperate times call for desperate measures

Lake on MCP

Knew the distinct possibility of getting spanked in such gusty and unpredictable conditions... but hey wtH like all of the brethren out there suffering the '11 Ontario doldrums: had to go no matter what.

Wind was side shore but up and down like a hoor's drawers. Decided to go with the 7.6 should have rigged a 5.7 oops.. Was rag dolled from one water start up, up, and... away. Ha! Enjoyed one run at warp factor 9 then couldn't hold on any longer.

They say there's nothing like one-the-water experience and yeah for sure this was nothing like an on the water experience...... schooled!

Weather Conditions

uhhh challenging...?

The Day at a Glance


   0-35 26




  FW Roberts custom replete with redundant yellow go fast racing stripe/Point - 7AC0 no cam 7.6


  3 min.

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