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I like Beaverton


Arrived to clouds and diminishing NNW winds that hovered around 10 knots and was thinking I couldn't be bothered riggin and riding da friggin Formula stuff. So rigged both as per. Glad I did. After a few wound up runs on the Roberts came in and swapped for wee gear. Oh I remember now .... they call it windsurfing!

Wind was a bit up to 20 knots or so and down but was nice to be reminded of why I have been a part of this insane game for over 25 years.

Wasn't ideal but got waterstarts and bearing off planing deal dialed pretty quick. I see now why the local sailors like this place. Shallow, windy and warm. Note to self: ( it's totally worth the 1 hr 20 min drive...) I was a Beaver(ton) virgin but happily not anymore.

Commended Jeff Mac on his Rolling Merc Emporium of great gear. omgoodness. He was smoking on the new Isonics. The 147 might be worth a look see......

Weather Conditions

Flat - ish

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-20 25




  Starboard Aero Wave/7.5 Point - 7


  2 hrs.

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