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4 beaches in one day (ala Crowded House)

Ontario Sandbanks

I was able to get off early. My secretary even rebooking the office telling people it's windy he has to go windsurfing. Nobody minded. I guess having my picture in Windsurfing Mag must have helped!

Got there with rINR, went to Mac first, no one there, and the wind did not look all that strong (beautiful waves from overnight) and there was a huge wind shadow. Headed to West Point next, walked through field of poison ivy, the waves were amazing but the current was even more amazing. Felt like Hookipa speed, side way running speed current and peeling down the line waves. Stayed there a while admiring the spot. In the end we chickened out. Next was Richardson beach which looked a lot safer and a bunch of kiters out. So rigged up, onshore, washed and completely underpowered in the white water, rigged bigger, and rigged biggest and still going nowhere. It was really frustrating as the wind was really flaky in the white water. Packed up and headed over to West Lake (which was smoking when we first past by). It was the windiest spot yet. So rigged up and sailed for 2hrs (?) I don't want to say precise amount of time before rINR is going to shoot me down if I screw up! It was nice high speed lawn mowing. Nice to out after a month of no windsurfing. Couldn't try any move as the strained foot was still painful.

Finally we were tired, Old Whitey nowhere in sight, so I thought he must be sailing some wave somewhere. Packed up and went looking for him. At this point, even with creatine, rINR was too tired so we parted.

Found Old Whitey and Greg (Toronto) sailing a Mac. Waves were smaller but the wind was not as off shore.

Rigged again and sailed for about 90min with some nice easy front side riding. Pleasantly surprised that the Fanatic freewave was actually really turny and kept its speed well for those small slow waves. Too bad rINR could not stay longer. Finally the wind dropped a bit and it was time to go home so I could arrive before the family's bed time of 9pm.

I've got to try West Point again on another W/NW as those waves on the south side were dreamy down the line and clean in between.

Overall a nice crescendo into nice session.

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The Day at a Glance


  W 15-20 20




  Fanatic FW 86/Gaastra Poison 5.8


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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