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Still fun.

Lake Ontario / West Lake SBX / Richardson's / West Point / West Lake

Ya, what ever Fathom wrote.

Plus: I don't know if "chickening out" would be the reason for not sailing at West Point. The scene: Shoreline is what appeared to be flat rock shoal that had the water surging up to the shoreline + unknown obstacles on virgin beach. Side shore current: as fast a brisk jogging speed ripping right down the shore line and in between the closer waves= no fin traction to leave the shore, and better yet you could count on getting cheese grated on the rocky shoal when you don't get up. Huge Waves: The waves were easily ove head high three sets out- the ones near the shore were still sholder high. Some breaking side to side, some folding over in the middle like a crepe= if you make it off the shore you better have horseshoes up your rear to make it past the walls. The alternate was to go off to the east of the launch: still lots of current, less waves, different entry angle, walk through poison ivy with only booties on, on a skinny path while getting whipped around trying to hold onto gear. It was tough to walk away from this as the waves look surreal. Had the beach been sandy, I would have gone for it as I have done in the same conditions at Frenchman's on the lake side it remnants of hurricanes. This was about analizing risks. Even though I can sail a lot better than when I was younger, this was a risk I would have taken in my youth, not now. If others were there that knew the place and the obstacles then maybe. I still had a nice day all the same. Heck, a nice week: two mountain bike rides = 4 hours of riding and two windsurfs = 6 hours of sailing is always a great week in my books.

Weather Conditions

flat on West Lake. Horrible gear combination of big fin and big sail on relatively small board. Felt like sailing a plow.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-18 18




  106L Flare/7.4M Excess


  2 hrs. 15 min.

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