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Failure to launch

Boston Harbor Deer Island

With the forecast calling for nothing (0-7 mph from prevailing NW cancelled out by thermals), I wasn't expecting to even try and go out today. Mid-way through the day, I checked the sensors and the morning NW wasn't giving up. The models showed a 5pm push (NW) so I decided... what the hell... let's go for it.

Loaded the car, drove out to Winthrop and was greeted with some whitecaps but nothing spectacular (and definitely not the 18 that was showing on the sensor).

Rigged the 7.0 and got the Xantos ready with dreams of planing on my old combo once again. One reach out and I snagged all sorts of weeds. Managed to clear them then get on a plane (both straps!! hurray!). Limped back to the launch to switch to a weed fin.

Went back out but the wind was just holey and not there. Decided to cut my losses and call it a day.

Weather Conditions

Light wind coming more NNW than the forecasted WNW//W.

Holey and light. Some gusts had promise but they never lasted more than a second.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 11-16 30




  118L Xantos/7.0 Diablo


  20 min.

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