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Upwind 360s at Kalmus

Nantucket Sound Kalmus Beach

To clarify immediately:

Under powered (6.2 in 10-12 mph), out of the straps upwind 360's... but on my 96L so I'll take it.

Jenn and I were planning on going to Kalmus come hell or high tide so with the car packed we left town around 1:30 to time it for a late thermal.

Got there to find a bunch of guys (3-4) playing in the windsurfing shallows doing all sorts of sail tricks in the shallows in the windsurfing area (perfectly knee to thigh deep).

I went out there with the 6.2 // FreeSex combo and started working on tacks, heli-tacks, and trying some upwind 360's. The locals saw me and did a couple for me which was actually super helpful since seeing them do it so slowly / controlled made me realize it didn't have to be an explosively fast maneuver.

After many many failed attempts (swung off the board), I managed to get one... then as I kept trying them, they came more easily. By the end of the day I had em in the bag (50%?) including a bunch which I finished slowly and gracefully. Board totally underwater for all of this (did I get fat?? must be the 6.2's weight... yea... that's it!)

Tried some geckos and going switch stance and picking up speed. Managed to recover an upwind 360 into switch/clew-first so I tried a bunch more of those. I was dailed on that light wind setup!

Planing was not happening.. the closest was when it picked up and I gave Jenn the FreeSex and I was on the Xantos. It has way more glide than the FreeSex and just picked up speed and started to get up... but really wasn't.


+ Tried a whole bunch more geckos.. not enough wind when backwinded?

+ Went from getting slammed on upwind 360's... to making them 50% on both tacks

+ Aborted an upwind 360 by catching myself switch-stance & clew-first.

+ Nailed every light-wind waterstart (about 8) I tried

Things to remember:

+ Got a *great* tip from Chris at the end of the day which I only tried once...

** move both hands back on the boom when going for upwind 360's i.e. front hand by harness lines... back-hand back on boom**

+ Stand upright and balanced on your feet; focus on keeping the sail controlled...

Thinking about this later this of course makes a lot of sense as the closer to the mast the sail is.. the more the sail wants to hinge open (windsurfing 101). Further back means more power... unless you're clew first in which case it means the opposite.... in an upwind 360.. opening up the clew makes you go from clew first to regular in a heart-beat so hands near the sweet spot brings the power on smoothly (duh!).

Weather Conditions

Light but really really really steady wind.

Also... water warmer than I've had since Cabarete 3 years ago. Amazing.. boardshorts + harness feels so much like "vacation windsurfing" only after 3 years in the PNW.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-12 30




  96L FreeSex, 118L Xantos/6.2 Duke


  2 hrs.

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