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rINR was wrong

Simcoe Heritage Farm

He texted me saying I needed my NPX 6mm suit and a 3.5m sail today. How wrong he was.

Showed up at Beaverton first, wind was a bit N/NW with shadow so went with Bob to Heritage farm instead where it was side shore.

Basically doming with hot air (30C), beautiful sunshine, and aqua warm water (23C).

In the end I was prettty much the only one planing and even then full light wind techniques required with 8.0/125L board. Did have to go 'rescue' rINR who was not planing on his 125L (same board but 2cm less fin) and his 7.4m sail. Did one of those board testing switcharoo in the water.

Went to other island in one run then timed myself about 5-6min for 5-6km run.

Texted Jetmech who could not make it he did not miss anything, he texted back he was in a 737 flight simulator. I'd rather be in his shoes today. That was the only highlight.

And no I did not bring a 6mm suit nor a 3.5m sail. I did check with rINR that I can post 120min of sailing time though.

The wind was definitely stronger away from the water. The kites were doing just fine at Beaverton. I hope I did not miss a good SBX session today.

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