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A week in review

Lake Simcoe Heritage Farms

Sailed at Heritage. 7.4M on 125L. Planning but mostly out near Thorah Island. Carried my GPS and found some of the stats interesting: Max speed: 40.6 km/hr Average Moving Speed: 11.5 km /hr Distance to Thorah Island ( on that wind direction) 3.6 km.

Though the windsurfing was lame it has been a nice warm week with lots of activity. I spent Friday at C36's cottage with my sons. Went out on the wakeskate and then to the Wake board ( first time post hip replacement) and made it wake to wake. Saturday did some trail riding on the MTB at Scarborough Bluff and went over the handle bars twice, one super man one and one leap frog over the handle bars on super steep hill. Bummer was not zipping up my seat sack and losing $40 mulit-tool and spare tube. Could of used those when I got a flat later on. Monday 26 km water front trail ride in the evening. Great week so far. I can't wait for winter......NOT!!!!!

Weather Conditions

lame and lame

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-15 30




  125L/7.4M Excess


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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