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Summer sail

Lake Erie Long Beach

Started off with a crazy morning knowing that there will be some wind somewhere. The Georgian Bay NW forecast seemed to be dwindling and coming in real late in the day, Simcoe looked promising but not convinced. Lake O too offshore. EC showing all 3 lakes in red, Erie in blue, but readings in Erie looked best. Took my chance and headed down to Erie. Guys ripping in flat water on big gear. Totally unmotivated rigged big and got wet since it was so warm and beautiful. Some good runs. Swell seemed to be a little better way out, but wind seemed to be better closer to shore. Tried a few tacks but I really suck at them. Finally I headed upwind to the play pan and had a blast in there in the small surf. Hilite of the day: last off the water and only one in the parking lot. While de-rigging John ( who was sailing there earlier, gone to the showers and came back to make sure I'm safely in. How cool is that!

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  SW 14-18 30




  Quattro 120L/Ezzy 7.0


  3 hrs.

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