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Horseshoes up my butt!

Lake Simcoe Heritage Farms,

Get there and Fathom is going on 5.8M and 86L ( lightweight....makes me sick!!!) I rig the 7.4M and 125L as I don't want to spend any time bobbing. First run out, and right over to top end of Thorah Island. Tool around there as the wind seems stronger there. Wind does and nice shift to more N - NNE and now its point fest with me looking like I'm coming in way down in the bay. Horseshoes kicked in and wind does a nice 30 degree shift and I pinched it back in just south of my launch with only a short walk of shame. Planing 90 percent of the time until it shut down just as I was making it back. GPS: top speed. 43.5 km/hr. Beautiful day to be out but still seemed like the wind was doming and moving through in big bubbles of wind. Nice spot to sail, and apres chat after the session.

Weather Conditions

fairly flat but some nice waves on the outside.

The Day at a Glance


  N 14-18 25




  125L Tabou Rocket/NP 7.4M Excess


  1 hrs.

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