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Maiden SUP'er saved by damsel in control

Lake on MCP

Necessity dictated that I try the SUP thing. Glad I did. Totally.

Launched from home break, well-wobbly on my knees never mind SUPn, I was KUPn! I glanced over my shoulder and saw what I could have taken as a Siren!, a water Muse! a red-headed paddlin' Betty! After thinking I was actually havin a senior moment, It spoke! and she said " Great to see another paddler!" WTF! I've only ever seen this sport on YouTube. Is this a mirage?

"Help! help me..." I whimpered from my still prone position. Lady luck had paddled over and just happened to be a windsurf, SUP guru! Who knew/Guru! I did as I was told, (like I had the choice..) and Eureka! I was Standin' and Paddlin'!

I have been windsurfing for over 25 years and this brought back that challenging rush, that shakey victory and that unmistakeable feeling of accomplishment for his old surf dog! Loved it! Meanwhile Miss smarty SUP pants was a mere mirage on the flat calm water where the blue horizon merged with the azure sky. Magic.

Tried to get dialed into some sort of technique and was doing ok until awesome one-legged triple-lutz side-door exit into the drink, sunglasses flying and consigned to lake floor as was dignity. Brilliant! You know how it feels when you are laughing and trying to swim at the same time..Ha!

My new-found instructress quipped " Now, you didn't really think you'd get away with not falling on your first time, did you?" Point well taken.

Jill, Thank you SO much for showing up out of the blue. Your help was most appreciated and completely necessary.

Apres: well-deserved cold Coronas.

Goin' SUP Shoppin' tomorrow.


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Flatter than Gwyneth.

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   0-0 27




  Laird Hamilton 11' 6 Municipal yellow./no need m2


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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