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Totally Awesome Day!!!!!

Ramsey Lake Sudbury Canoe Club

This was a truly great day for such a small lake.

MY hands were raw and I was exhausted after 2 1/2 hours of nonstop planing. I couldn't get out until 5:00 (I was coaching hockey all day) so I couldn't have gone for much longer -the wind typically dies as we approach sunset.

I started the day with the 165 Go and the 7.5 North and completely over powered but I had some crazy fast runs -survival sailing only.

I switched to the 165 Tiga (smaller fin) and the 6.5 Ezzy. This set up was perfect (I should have gone for a smaller board but it being my second day out this year and my experience with the wind dying in the evening on Ramsey I decided to play it safe).

Worked on:

Jumping - I had quite a few nice jumps and actually popped the board out of the water on a relatively flat patch of water (which felt great).

I was only successful with chop hopping on a startboard tack -on the port side I need a significant ramp.

-Thank you Jay for your help on this -pointing board slightly down wind after the jump solved my spinout on landing problem completely.

Gybes - I figured out why I am dropping off a plane during my carve gybes. I sail basically from reach to reach (90 degrees to the wind) and I have been trying to gybe from reach to reach.

I successfully completely a planing carve gybe when I went downwind and went from broad reach to broad reach.

I got totally slammed by the board when I tried to crank the board through too tight of a radius on one gybe -I imagine it look amazing from shore.

I was in the water a lot today -and loved it.

One jump I entered with board on a slight angle -48cm fins like to remain perfectly vertical on reentry -and the fin flipped the whole board on its side -talk about deceleration!

Today was fast wet and fun. A totally awesome day - I feel truely blessed to have been able to go out on a day like this.

Weather Conditions

white caps and sustained gusts.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-18 30




  165 Go, 165 Tiga/7.5 North, 6.5 Ezzy


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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