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It did not look like much ...

Lake O. MCP

It did not look like much from the shore, but since gear was rigged anyway, I pushed-off thinking that even some schlog TOW is better than nothing.

To my surprise, got on the plane almost immediately, and so it was for the next 2 hours + : solid, even wind filling from S/W, and picking up strength the more you went away from the boiling hot shoreline. Next 2 hours were great, best session I had this year, waay into the lake.

On my way back wind shifted more W, so the bay produced some neat flatwater with more solid wind and the occasional gust, great way of finishing off the day!

Weather Conditions

hot air, warm water (shorty is fine), steady wind, lotsa sailboats, one kiter @ Col Smith

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-15 30




  Bic Techno OD/8.3 Simmer


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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