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Great way to beat the heat !!

Lake Erie LBCA

Windsurfing is alive and well on Lake Erie!! 30 + windsurfers and maybe a half dozen kitesurfers out today to enjoy the hot & windy conditions. Sails from 5.0-6.5 were the call as the WSW wind ranged from 16-23 knots for most of the day. I rigged 5.3 but probably should have used the 5.7 that hangloose brought down for me, thanks man! The stoke meter was high, reading many SPH (smiles per hour) from the crew as most have been wind-starved this summer and anxious to hit the surf. Medium sized rolling swell (1-2m) with clean faces on the outside and some really clean and accelerated wind by the point blowing on flat water for the inside jibes. Good times, Good times.

Weather Conditions

pure sun, high summer, spf as much as you can . scorching hot sand

The Day at a Glance


  SW 16-23 39






  2 hrs. 30 min.

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