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Beat the heat

St. Lawrence River Mallorytown Landing

T'was a sweet forecast, not one to ignore

It was hot, it was humid, and work was a bore

Sails getting moldy, skills getting rusty

Heat stroke or sailing? no time to be fussy

Eyes glued to the meters, all doing strange things

I took the the car to the tune of radiator pings

Montreal was cranking, so an east bearing I took

To the Landing says I, before my engine it cooks

A neat little jewel, along the St.Lawrence river

What to rig? Well, I brought my whole quiver!

Some kiters were there, and some other sailors too

Imagine, cleanish water, with no chunks of poo

5.3 was the call, it was gusty, who cares

Get out on that water, find some chop and get air

Up and down was the wind, but overall not to shabby

Sailing 4 hours to help rid this 10lbs of flabby

A fun time had by all, a good choice I did make

Return there I will, the whole family I will take!

What is wrong with me...

Long story short: fun time. Wind a bit weird, but plenty of planing on 5.3 to be had, even some on the 4.7. Beautiful spot. In the heat, simply orgasmic to fall in.

Weather Conditions

Clean flattish with nice pockets of sharp chop.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-24 40




  Goya X1 105/Goya Eclipse 5.3 & 4.7


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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