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bay of quinte, lake ontario belleville

first shortboard day of the year...about time!

forecast was too tempting, when i saw the wind report in the morning for trenton at 40kmh..i was out of work..

stopped to check lake ontario on the, surprise..some waves, and whitecaps..15knots...

never leave wind to find wind..rigged the 7m and kona..and had a really good lightwind wave session, but the wind dropped right off at about 1pm, still had managed to get an hour in...

still looked like a good thermal day for the bay..and it was, not epic, but solid 6.3... then down to the 5.8 to finish the day... nice.

nice to have good solid wind, but in truth, id take the lightwind longboard with some waves, over 6m bumpnjump anyday..

still.. it was well worth taking the day off..

Weather Conditions

started small waves lightwind...

went to bumps and moderate wind

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-20 35




  mistral syncro, kona 11 5/7m, 6.3, 5.8


  3 hrs.

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