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one sail, three boards

lake ontario north beach

wasnt really expecting this to be my best day of the year, but it was..

warm, windy and waves..

arrived at noon to find it already blowing, straight onshore, but the waves were building.. rigged the new 5.8 superfreak.. got going on the kona, which makes getting out in onshore conditions much more doable,.. wind kept on increasing, and switching more side on from the north, went down to the syncro, then my old tiga carve.. but kept using the superfreak.. which is now my favourite sail.. light powerful, and smooth..

its what ive been looking for.

and interesting trying it on three boards right away in the same conditions.

anyway, big mistake before my last session..i ate a burger at the canteen..promptly went out and got caught in the shorebreak.. ugh , bad combo.. so after a 20 minute vomit inducing swim i called it a day..

still, a good day!

Weather Conditions

onshore, switching slowly to side on, wind increasing..

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 15-20 25




  kona 11 5, mistral syncro, tiga carve/superfreak 5.8


  3 hrs.

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